Victoria Grace Silversmith

Luxury eco jewellery - handmade in the uk - piercing jewellery

Bespoke orders

If you would like something made just for you, please send a message via the contact form. I can adapt any of the designs in the shop. Perhaps you love some earrings but want the same shape as a pendant, or would like something designed just for you.

Jewellery care

Silver jewellery will tarnish over time. Try to avoid contact with household chemicals, cosmetics, chlorinated water etc. as it may accelerate tarnishing. Polishing with an impregnated silver cloth will restore shine to your jewellery, or clean with soapy water and a nail brush.

Oxidation, where applied to a piece, will gradually fade over time as it cannot be made completely permanent, so try to avoid excess rubbing.

People's bodies all react differently to silver, and the other metals in it. 925 sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver & the rest is an alloy, typically copper. Occasionally the skin under the jewellery or the jewellery itself may get a black or green tarnish. This can happen particularly if it is piercing jewellery, or a ring you don't take off. This mark however will easily come off with soapy water, and you can use a nailbrush to gently scrub the jewellery clean if you need to.  


The Hallmarking Act 1973 calls for precious metals such as silver, palladium, gold and platinum to be hallmarked to describe the metal content. Articles below a certain weight are exempt from hallmarking. This applies to much of the jewellery I make as it can be very small, therefore things will be hallmarked when it is appropriate and possible to do so. Nose studs, for example, will not be hallmarked as they are too small. I use 925 sterling silver in all my work.

Packing and posting

Victoria Grace Silversmith uses recycled materials where possible, including boxes, business cards and envelopes. All items will be sent using Royal Mail services.


All orders come complete in a beautifully designed box ready for gifting, or to store your jewellery in. 

Victoria Grace Silversmith aims to promote sustainability and it is taken into consideration throughout the business, including using local businesses to buy materials, using recycled packaging, and using local postal services. When you buy from VG you are supporting small business, supporting Made in Britain products and the wider economy, reducing energy consumed for transportation, utilising local postal services, and supporting a network of local shops and suppliers.